League Rules

  1. Membership Requirement: We are a fundamental Baptist softball league. The Bible is our only rule for faith and practice. Any team seeking membership must apply through our league commissioner and be in agreement with the above statement. It is at the league discretion to exclude any team or teams that are not in accordance with the above statement.
  2. The home team will supply an umpire for the whole game. The home team may choose to provide a current A.S.A. sanctioned umpire to ump their games. (Umpire pay is the responsibility of the home team.)
  3. The home team will supply a regulation size and color home plate with a carpet to call balls and strikes by (see diagram at bottom of page). ANY ball that hits the carpet (even if it also hits the plate) will be called a strike.
  4. All players will wear pants nothing short of mid-thigh.
  5. Each team has the option to bat all players or a specific number of players. Teams that bat a specific number of players are subject to ASA substitution rules on their batting lineup. Teams may freely change the fielding positions of all players in the current batting lineup (including 'bench'), regardless of whether they bat everyone or a specific number.
  6. A team may designate a single player to be a Fielder-Only (FO). This player would take the field on defense, but would not bat in the lineup. The team must still have (at least) 10 batters in their batting lineup to be able to have a FO player. The FO player designation should only be used in circumstances where the player cannot bat due to injury or physical limitation, not simply because the player is a poor hitter. This designation must be communicated to the coach of the opposing team and the umpire before the game.
  7. The home team will supply a new ball. The visiting team will supply a good used ball for backup.
  8. Steel spikes will not be allowed.
  9. Sub runners will be allowed for physical injuries or any player needing a runner that has been designated before the game. The sub will be the one who made the last out. The batter must make it safely to first base before the sub runner is used.
  10. The league will purchase trophies for league play and the tournament.
  11. Postponed games will be rescheduled between involved managers. If the two managers cannot agree on a makeup date, the commissioner will arbitrate, and may declare a forfeit if one team is unwilling (but otherwise able) to make the game up.
  12. Starting times will be arranged by the two managers of each game.
  13. A team will be allowed to play with eight (8) players.
  14. Only men and boys entering the 9th grade and up will be allowed to play.
  15. No profanity, smoking, or drinking of alcoholic beverages will be allowed by players at league or tournament games.
  16. All games will be played on 60- or 65-foot bases, with a preference for 65-foot bases. 60-foot bases should only be used if those are the only option available on the field being played on. The pitching rubber will be 50 feet.
  17. The home team should supply enough treats for the players and fans for a time of fellowship after the game. This includes the division playoffs.
  18. A tie for the division championship will be determined by:
    1. Head-to-head record.
    2. Division record.
    3. Record against common opponents.
    4. Total runs allowed for games played against each other.
    5. Total runs allowed in division games.
    6. Total runs allowed for games played against common opponents.
    7. A flip of the coin.
  19. Division Playoffs. The top winner from each division will be in the division playoffs. The North division winner will play the West division winner. The East division winner will play the South division winner. The division playoff games will be played at the home field of the team with the better record or a mutually agreed on field. A tie will be broken by the same rules for determining division winner (leaving out division-specific factors). We will be using the same rules as used throughout the season. An A.S.A. umpire should be hired by the home team and will be paid by the league.
  20. League Championship Game. In even years game will be played at the home field of the winner of the North conference. In odd years will be played at the home field of the winner of the South conference. (Coaches may agree to a mutual field.) An A.S.A. umpire should be hired by the home team and will be paid by the league.
  21. Tournament games will have a 60-minute time limit with no inning starting after 55 minutes. A 10 run rule after five innings will also apply. A two out man on 2nd base format will be used in case of a tie with total bases and maximum of 5 runs winning. Sixty-minute rule waived for all trophy games.
  22. Any violation of the above said rules must be brought to the coaches' attention and be corrected immediately. The violating team will forfeit the game with a score of 0-15 if they refuse correction. (At this time this rule should be shown to opposing team.)
  23. Any Baptist church of like faith having a team but too far away to participate in our league may be in our tournament upon agreeing with our rules and upon commissioner approval.
  24. Any member of a church of like faith which does not have enough players for a full team may play on the team of another church in the league.
  25. A TCBCSL church may enter an additional team into the tournament provided it is comprised of players affiliated with that church.
  26. The playoff and tournament rosters for all teams that participated in the regular season must be made up of players that played in at least 1/3 of the teams games that season. If additional players are needed (to replace injured players, add a couple of substitutes, church members whose work schedules don't allow them to play very many games during the regular season, etc.), they must be members or regular attendees of the church. This rule also applies to a church that has one team during the regular season and two teams in the tournament. Both teams would need to be made up of players who played in 1/3 of the regular season games or were members or regular attendees of the church.
  27. The league will provide the game balls for all regular season, playoff, and tournament games. The specifications of this ball are a COR of .44 and 375lb compression. Any backup balls used should have specifications as close to that as possible, if they are not the same.
  28. Bats must be ASA-approved. Bats that only have USSSA stamps will not be allowed.
Home Plate and Batter's Boxes